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A mixed keelboat fleet light air start during the 2014 sailing season at 8X speed.

Gary Jobson speaking at "An Evening With Gary Jobson" 7-12-2014

A short slideshow on the history of the NNYC and sailing on Lake Winnebago featuring interviews from current and former NNYC members.  Produced by Chris Kuborn.

A 1939 British News reel on Scow sailing on Lake Winnebago.  "War or no war the tale of the sail must be told!"

 Video of the Gilbert family in the 1930s enjoying Wisconsin’s winter on Lake Winnebago.  The ice boat belongs to F.C. Shattuck  - A.C. Gilbert is seen entering the picture and waving. A. C. Gilbert was very active in the NNYC and dontated the Three Course Regatta Trophy to us.

 More videos on the way...Check back soon!