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 Show your NNYC pride with some new apparel or other fun items such as a duffel bag or lunch bag.  A variety of merchandise is displayed at NNYC events; however, you can get your merchandise anytime!  There are several ways to shop.


  • Contact ShipsStore@nnyc.org to purchase the awesome items you saw displayed at the last NNYC event.
  • Browse the online collection at Sports Graphics. There are a few different versions of our logo on file at Sports Graphics so you can get the exact look that you want.
  • Visit our special NNYC display at Krueger’s True Value!
  • Still don’t see what you want?  Go to the Sports Graphics showroom to look through all their catalogs of available merchandise.  The NNYC logo can be embroidered or screen-printed onto any one of their thousands of items. Or, you can contact ShipsStore@nnyc.org with the general idea of what you are looking for and work with me to pick something out.
  • Already have a favorite shirt/sweatshirt/hat/etc already?  No problem, Sports Graphics can embroider our logo onto practically anything.  Just bring your item to their showroom and they will embroider the logo for $5!

150th Anniversary Logo Available on any Sports Graphics item!


As with our logo, Sports Graphics can add other text as well to almost any item, such as your boat name or crew names! 

Sports Graphics Showroom                   

333A 1st Street

Menasha, WI 54952               



Don’t forget about flying our burgee or putting our logo on your car or boat to help spread our image.  A burgee ($25) or decal (burgee or logo - $5) can be obtained by contacting ShipsStore@nnyc.org.

Miscellaneous Items

NNYC Burgee


Durable Nylon Burgee



NNYC Burgee Decal





NNYC Logo Decal







 NNYC Key Fob





NNYC Lid Latch / Clip


White T-shirt






Navy T-shirt