NNYC Boat Rental


How Do I Rent a Boat: 

1. Review this webpage and Boat Rental Overview

2. Fill out Boat Rental Agreement Form

3. Review Rental Requirement Skills Checkout Form 

4. Contact boatrentalmaster@nnyc.org to get more details or schedule a checkout sail

Boat Description:  


Where Next?- 18 foot Catalina Capri 18 with 2.5 ft draft fixed keel, mainsail, and roller-furling jib. Cockpit cushions, adult life jackets, and safety equipment provided. Porta-potty available upon request.

Rental Available To

Full or Life member of NNYC with acceptable sailing resume and skills checkout, OR, Current year adult FVSS graduate who is an Associate NNYC member with head instructor recommendation and skills checkout (additional skills training may be needed with NNYC skills checkout skipper. Skills checkout by NNYC representative required annually for all Renters. 

Rental Fees

$30 per half-day- Half-day up to 4 hours

$50 for full day-   Full-day more than 4 hours between sunrise and sunset  

Boat Reservation: 

To reserve the boat contact boatrentalmaster@nnyc.org                     

See Rental Boat Availability Calendar                                             

Usage and Safety Requirements


<!   -Minimum age of primary renter is 18 years old.

·   -Minimum 2 people*, maximum 6 (but not to exceed 1000 lbs.)

        *unless Renter has approval for single-handed use


Boat Rental Resources:


Boat Rental Overview

Rental Requirement Skills Checkout Form 

Boat Rental Agreement Form

YouTube Resources:

Man Overboard Playlist (Practical Boat Owner) - Demonstration of quick stop, figure eight (called reach to reach in the video), and under power recovery

Figure Eight Man Overboard Drill (SailVision) - Great aerial footage