Protest Form


How To File A Protest

Here are the steps for filing a protest in a race with the NNYC:

1. On the water, inform the protestee immediately. This does not need to be contentious, should not be a long conversation, and it shouldn't take much of your concentration. Simply say "protest" loudly enough for the other boat to hear. Then, if your boat is over 6 meters long, fly a red flag. (Reference Racing Rules of Sailing rule 61

2. On the water, inform the race committee when you finish. 

3. After the race, get an electronic or paper copy of the protest form from our web site or from Fill it out with at least the following information: a) the protestor (you) and protestee; b) a description of the incident, including where and when it occurred; and c) any rule you believe was broken. 

4. Get that protest into the hands of the head judge within 48 hours after the last boat finish of your race day (Reference NNYC Sailing Instruction 15). You can do this by sending to the email address, or sending directly to the address: Mark Johnson, 711 S. Story St., Appleton, WI 54914.

At that point, the racing judge will schedule a hearing, typically after your next racing night, with you, your competitor, and judges. The first thing we check in the hearing is the requirements for protest (found in Racing Rules of Sailing rule 61 and NNYC Sailing Instructions 15). If they're not met, we close the hearing, and if they are, we continue with a discussion about the situation.


If you ever have questions about this process, or any rules questions, please contact See you out there on the water!

A regulation protest flagClose, but not an acceptable protest flag