The Josh Beverlin Memorial Race 


The Josh Beverlin Memorial Trophy for 2019 will be awarded to the skipper of the first place Flying Scot from Flying Scot racing on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. All racing for the event is held in memorial of Josh Beverlin, a young man who deeply loved sailing and his friends at the NNYC. 

The Josh Beverlin Memorial Trophy rotates between different fleets from year to year. Read below for some background on Josh and the Memorial Race written by his mother, Jill Beverlin, and enjoy these pictures of him on the water doing what he loved.  

 The Josh Beverlin Memorial Race-            

  a background by Jill Beverlin

It seems Josh Beverlin was born to sail.  His adventures on the water began in the summer of 2002 when, at age 10, he took his first sailing lessons through the Fox Valley Sailing School.

The moment he stepped onto a boat, something almost magical happened for him. Josh was so enchanted with sailing that he began spending every moment possible at and on the water.  When he wasn’t in sailing school, he was helping run races on the committee boat.  When he wasn’t in sailing school or helping with races, he would ride his bike down to the Neenah Harbor and hang out talking to boaters.  One time he even called me on a strangers’ cell phone and asked me if he could go out on their sailboat with them!  (“You don’t need to worry, mom,” he assured me, “they are really nice people!”)  :)

He begged us for his own boat, and, like most sailors – he had to start small.  His first craft was a rubber raft which he launched in the Neenah Harbor and paddled around the moored boats as his nervous mom watched from shore!  Next came his own PRAM – which he used proudly in school, in races, and in a couple of regattas where he represented the Fox Valley Sailing School.  Well – that desire for a bigger boat never goes away … and in a few more years he was the proud owner of an M-16 which he enjoyed racing and cruising on until he left for university in Montreal in the summer of 2010.

Josh was a certified boat operator at age 14 and a U.S. certified sailing instructor by the time he was 16.  He participated in pram, Laser, scow and keelboat races and enjoyed cruising with friends whenever he wasn’t teaching for the sailing school or racing!  When he began college at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec Canada he also became a Canadian certified sailing instructor and taught at the Baie D'Urfe Yacht Club until he passed away in 2013.

While Josh had an obvious passion for the sport of sailing, he also developed incredibly meaningful friendships with the people of the sailing club.  When the news came of his untimely death, we knew we would not grieve alone.  

The members of the Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club have chosen to remember Josh by hosting a Memorial Race each year at the start of the second racing series.  I can think of no better way to honor his memory and the love he had for the sport of sailing.  We will be forever grateful to everyone that encouraged and supported Josh as he learned and enjoyed the sport of sailing.  Because of you, this young man was able to work and play doing something that he dearly loved!  How many people in life ever get such a chance?  We take solace in knowing this was true for him.


A Thank You to the Neenah-Nodaway Yacht Club and Fox Valley Sailing School – from Dave and Jill Beverlin

  So many times since Josh passed away we have found ourselves saying … ‘there are simply no words’.

 Somehow ‘thank you’ seems inadequate to try to express what it has meant to us that you have shared so much of your time and talents to help Josh learn the wonderful sport of sailing. As parents - you always hope your child will find something that he can enjoy – something that will teach him to appreciate life, nature, and those around him. You pray he will find a path to passion and experience things that will challenge him to use his gifts and seek his potential in life. Because of each of you – Josh found all of these things – and more – in learning how to sail.

 No doubt his time with the club helped prepare him to live his dream of attending school and sailing in another country. We are grateful he was able to do this.  

As much as we are trying to express our gratitude – there is, of course, no way for us to share exactly how much sailing meant to Josh. 

 One of the things we found when we were going through his computer was a poem he wrote for a class in college.   We will share it with you now … and in it we hope you can hear the love and gratitude he held in his heart for each of you.  

Surely his love of the sport of sailing also shines through …

Our Bygone Voyages by Josh Beverlin

An escape is what we created.

 The keel and rudder flow beneath the waterline,

 And the hull glides between a set of colored buoys.

 Perched at the helm one hand grasps the wooden tiller, 

 In the other, a beverage is housed with a pirate koozie. 


 Past the old lighthouse that is more than three times my age,

 We remark that we’ve done this before in our past lives.

 No, we don’t use sunscreen, but the rum flows freely.

 The white canvas rises towards the sky, luffing in the wind. 

With the motor cut, the vibrations have ceased. 

 Waves lap against the hull as we stretch her legs.

 Trimming the genoa, the winch makes that comforting ratcheting noise.

 The telltales are streaming flawlessly over the sail.


 A perfect orange color is being reflected upon the water.

 As it disappears beneath the horizon, a mental image is snapped for those cold months.

 The time of day when our sunglasses come off is always bitter sweet.

 Remembering this - I can feel such warmth --- even now

 This moment continues.

 [Written in 2011 originally dedicated to Traeton Garl]