Your Board Members


The commodore functions as the Chief Executive of the club. This person presides over all club meetings, and oversees that the activities of the other Board members are being carried out in a timely manner, and according to the by-laws.

Tom Morley

Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore functions as the second chief executive of the club. This person has responsibility for harbor maintenance, and maintenance/storage of the club-owned boats. The Vice Commodore appoints a Harbormaster, Boat Keepers and Boat Operators. Please conatct this person if you have questions or concerns about the moorings, powerboats or the dinghies.

Scott Powley

Rear Commodore

The Rear Commodore functions as the third chief executive officer of the club. This person has the responsibility of maintaining the racing programs for the club. Duties include appointing Race Committee, Judges, Statistician and Fleet Captains.

Ken Friedman


The Treasurers responsibility to to keep the books of account of the club. They shall manage club investments, insurance coverages and prepare the annual budget for the club. The treasurer also maintains the club post office box.

Doug Hatch

Doug races his S2 7.3 Okoboji in the Tuesday PHRF Series, and serves as RC for the Wednesday night Flying Scot Series.


The Secretary shall keep all the records and files of the corporation and keep minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the Board of Directors. The secretary also maintains the membership database of Club members, boats, mooring assignments, etc.

Brian Bennwitz

Brian began sailing as a student of the Fox Valley Sailing School back in 2012.
Now Brian can be seen crewing for Blessing during Tuesday night keelboat races, or cruising on lake Winnebago in his Catalina 25.

Communications Director

The Communication Director organizes and distributes the club newsletters, club mailings, and manages the membership database. This board member also appoints a webmaster for the club website. Please contact this person if you have ideas or suggestions for club communications.

Dave Michalkieicz

Sail Promotion Director

The Sail Promotion Director works to increase member participation in club events as well as works with the community to bring new members into the club. Additional duties include running the Ships Store, NNYC library and acting as the liaison between the NNYC and Fox Valley Sailing School.


Social Director

The social director will plan and administer Club social events including publicity and entertainment. They shall locate and reserve facilities for all social functions. Purchase, store and maintain supplies and equipment for social events.

Terri Smith

Community Relations

The Community Relations Director will conduct publicity activities for the Club. Organize and conduct special Club promotional events (e.g., Sail Expo, etc.) Develop programs of community outreach to promote Club diversityOrganize and administer club participation in community events (e.g., Venetian Parade, etc.)Organize and administer Club participation in community fund raising service events (e.g., Leukemia Cup, Best Friends, Scouting, etc.) Establish membership committees to carry out the above activities.

Nicole Coultas

Nicole loves light air sailing with her family on their San Juan 21. She loves time with family and community events.